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Our Fertility: Sync With Your Cycle

November 10, 2022 @ 17:00 - 20:00 CET

Sync Wiith Your Cycle

Sync With Your Cycle – a lecture about menstrual cycle health

Do you want to understand how the menstrual cycle and female hormones function? Do you want to open a door towards understanding how we can experience deep and thriving health and well-being in a female body, optimal fertility, and a pain-free menstrual cycle? Do you want the knowledge you need to make truly informed decisions about birth control? Then we warmly welcome you to an evening together with menstrual cycle health expert Siri M. Kalla.

When working with women and other menstruators one of the most common comments Siri get is “why hasn’t anyone told me this before?”. In our current society and medical paradigm, menstruating people can go through half of their lives without ever truly getting an understanding of how their bodies work – knowledge that is crucial to be able to make informed decisions concerning health, well-being, fertility and birth control. In this lecture, we want to provide an antidote to this amnesia.

Siri M. Kalla has been studying and working with the menstrual cycle for a decade. Her expertise is unique in Norway and is rooted in a functional medicine approach to healthcare. She looks at the female body as an integrated system, deeply understands the interconnected nature of our bodies in general and our hormonal systems in particular and looks for the root causes of problems rather than treating symptoms.

In this 3-hour lecture, she will give share her knowledge with us in a content-packed evening. We will look into:

• How the menstrual cycle functions.

• How to observe physiological signs of fertility and infertility.

• How different methods of contraception work.

• How evidence-based natural birth control works, and how to determine if a certain method for natural birth control is safe to use.

• Natural strategies for healing menstrual cycle problems like PMS, menstrual cramps, PCOS and infertility.

• How we can live more in sync with the different phases of the menstrual cycle.

• How growing a deep relationship with our menstrual cycle also means cultivating a deep relationship with ourselves.

To book your tickets, please visit the Our Fertility website.

Ticket Cost: 350 NOK

About the Speaker:

Siri M. Kalla is Norway’s first certified Fertility Awareness Educator and coach in holistic hormonal health. Her interest in the menstrual cycle began in 2009 when she began to explore her relationship to her menstrual cycle through the discovery of natural birth control. Since then, she has been dedicated to deepening her understanding of the female body and menstrual cycle health.

Siri is a trained Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner through Justisse College International in Canada, a certified Sensiplan instructor, chairperson for the Nordic Union for Fertility Awareness, and a certified Fertility Awareness Educator through the Association for Fertility Awareness Practitioners.

She is dedicated to helping women and other menstruators find deep health and well-being in their menstrual bodies, works with a functional medicine approach to the menstrual cycle and fertility issues, and teaches evidence-based natural birth control.

In her practice, she is working to support women and other menstruators in finding back to a loving and nurturing relationship with themselves and their bodies, and her experience is that our relationship to our menstrual cycle plays a key role in our relationship with ourselves. She has founded Our Fertility as a platform for this work – a place to meet, develop skills and find information and inspiration about Fertility Awareness and holistic menstrual cycle health.

Learn more about Siri and her work at https://www.ourfertility.com


Strandgata 19
Oslo, Oslo 0152 Norway
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Standart ticket includes:

  • 3 course meal;
  • 3 glasses of wine;
  • Coupon for 20% discount for cloth rental for this gala from Fjong;

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