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HerSpace is a diverse and inclusive community where self-identifying women (henceforth, “women”) can work, belong and thrive. 

At HerSpace we are intentionally cultivating a safe space where our community will be seen, heard, and empowered to flourish in their social, economic, and personal lives.

Within our premises, we hope you will pursue meaningful work, whatever that means to you.

Our mission is to create a diverse and inclusive world where self-identifying women have access to the resources they need to grow their business and create lasting impact in their communities. We achieve this through programs that target professional development and networking, promote mental health and wellness, creativity and social gatherings.

Herspace Community


Our community fosters belonging, strong connections and gaining knowledge through individual and shared experiences. We believe in honoring each person’s uniqueness while nurturing an environment where we can come together to appreciate our diverse experiences. By investing in each other, we can be our best selves.

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Events & Popups

HerSpace events are carefully curated to address relevant issues that are important to our members. Sometimes uncomfortable and controversial, but also fun, challenging and educational. Our goal is to recognize the ever changing times and make available the wealth of knowledge within our community. We will address social issues, family life, mental health, professional development, selfcare, creativity and much more.

Herspace Events & Popups

Venue Rental

HerSpace is available for rent for your next workshop, meeting, celebration or conference. HerSpace is a unique and beautiful event venue located in central Oslo, and just two minutes walks from Oslo Central Station. Host your next get-together at a special place for a memorable experience.

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Our membership plans are designed with a variety of needs in mind.

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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


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Standart ticket includes:

  • 3 course meal;
  • 3 glasses of wine;
  • Coupon for 20% discount for cloth rental for this gala from Fjong;

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