Let us help you balance your work and personal life by welcoming your little one to our Montessori-inspired nursery.

We understand that as a parent, you want the best for your child, that’s why we do our best to provide you with a space to work while your little one is engaged in activities that they will enjoy telling all about at the end of the day.

MiniSpace comes equipped with a play space for your little one, along with programming and community for your family.

HerSpace MiniSpace
MiniSpace Booking
Years: 1
Time: 1 hrs
  • MiniSpace – Childcare

Book your upcoming MiniSpace Childcare here. You need to book minimum 24-48 hours ahead of your appointment. For drop -ins or if its less than 24 hours, contact us and we will confirm availability.

Payment for MiniSpace and DayPasses can be made at the office by Credit Card or Vipps.


  • Non-Member price: 200 NOK per hour (for visitors on Day-Pass).
  • Member price: 150 NOK.

Price & Booking

Fill out the form to book MiniSpace for your little one.

Remember, MiniSpace closes at 17.00, so don’t book beyond that, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Last pickup is at 16.50.

Infection Control

For the safety of your child, we have implemented infection control measurements and sanitize the play area regularly throughout the day. We also accept a maximum of 4 children at once in the play area so make sure to book ahead of time.

We don’t accept sick children.

  1. Fever: Minimum of 24 hours since last symptoms.
  2. Stomach Flue / Vomiting: Minimum of 48 hours since last symptoms.

Play Space

A nursery is your child's office and that's where they do their most important work - play.

Through play, they develop their language, social, motor, and cognitive skills. For that play to be beneficial, it has to be conducted in a safe environment and overseen and led by experienced and caring personnel.

MiniSpace has parental support and equality in focus. Through interactive workshops and discussions, we aim to provide you with tools, information, and answers to the questions that get raised up throughout each stage of your child’s development, all delivered to you by experts in different fields.

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